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Keynote Speaker:

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Melanie Spring, Author, Branded Confidence

Melanie Spring is one of those people who can walk into a room and light it up. She’ll make you want to be her best friend, yet when she gets to know enough of your story, she’ll find the perfect way to push you outside of your box. Her brand is Approachable Badass and it fits her perfectly. She even got out of her own box when she went on a 7,000-mile road trip collecting stories
on how companies lived their brand. The Live Your Brand Tour was published in Entrepreneur Magazine, where she earned her title as a veteran brand strategist. With entrepreneurship in her blood, she ran Sisarina for 8 years building websites and brands only to rebrand as herself through Branded Confidence by Melanie Spring. Speaking and facilitating workshops all over the world, she becomes a part of your team as she builds your brand from the inside out – with humans first. But you have to be a kickass human in order to work with her. (She even has a club for that –


Branding is what Melanie does best. Confidence is what every brand needs to stand in its purpose. Branded Confidence is the platform that gives you the tools to define your brand, find your voice, and create your message. When your brand is confident, you walk into every room with poise, tenacity and a fearless grit. You know who you are, what you stand for, and how to talk about
it – personally and professionally. Branded Confidence was built to give brands – the personal ones AND the business ones – the courage to be what they were made to be. To find their purpose, understand the core of who they are, and make sure they attract the right humans and clients they deserve.


Featured Speakers:

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Henry Berman, CEO, Exponent Philanthropy

Henry L. Berman leads Exponent Philanthropy, a vibrant membership organization that amplifies and celebrates the vital work of philanthropists who give big while keeping their operations lean. As CEO since 2011, he brings a firsthand understanding of the needs of philanthropists with few or no staff and a wealth of experience managing people, projects, and budgets in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Recognizing that funders are increasingly using a variety of giving vehicles, in 2014 Berman led the organization through a strategic rebrand from the Association of Small Foundations. His current focus is on ensuring all members—public, private, and community foundations, philanthropic families, and individual donors—connect with others in the organization’s nationwide network, engage with a wide range of resources, and participate in high-quality and cost-effective programming.

Before joining Exponent Philanthropy, Berman had a long career in educational media and technology. He is a founding board member of the Museum of Broadcast Technology and also currently serves on the boards of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and the National Council of Nonprofits.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Ithaca College, a master’s and doctorate in education from Boston University, and a certificate in business and management from the Harvard University Extension School, where he also taught classes in fundraising, development communications, and philanthropy. Berman teaches the Role and Unique Nature of the Nonprofit Sector at Columbia University.


Gabe Cohen

Gabe Cohen, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, GuideStar

Gabe Cohen is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for GuideStar, the world’s largest hub of information about nonprofit organizations. In this capacity, Gabe leads a team responsible for telling GuideStar’s story; advancing its vision; sustaining awareness of its mission; increasing adoption of its programs; and widening its visibility with key stakeholder audiences. He oversees strategy and implementation of all GuideStar brand activities including marketing collateral, webinars, email, social media, blog, content creation, earned media, and digital resources. Gabe is the project lead for major GuideStar initiatives including the Overhead Myth, GuideStar for Grant Applications, and encouraging nonprofits to update their GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. He brings a diverse and creative background to GuideStar’s Marketing and Communications team, graduating with a degree in architecture from Virginia Tech.

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