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2021 Frederick Nonprofit Summit

After postponing the 2020 Nonprofit Summit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summit transitioned to a virtual format in 2021. The virtual nature of the event did not deter guests as many nonprofit leaders, staff members, volunteers, current and potential board members joined for the days activities.

Vu Le, Keynote Speaker & Founder of Nonprofit AF
Vu Le, Keynote Speaker & Founder of Nonprofit AF

VU LE, a nationally recognized speaker and blogger, joined for the morning as the keynote speaker. He is the former executive director of Rainier Valley Corps, a nonprofit in Seattle that promotes social justice, and is the founder of NONPROFIT AF. His book Unicorns Unite: How Nonprofits and Foundations Can Build Epic Partnerships, also written by Jessamyn Shams-Lau and Jane Leu, was given to the summit participants. Then an optional session was provided during the day where participants were able to join a book club discussion. His book and blog brutally examine the joys and frustrations of the nonprofit sector, challenges established norms and provokes discussions. Vu’s passion is to make the world better while recognizing the humor in daily tasks. Vu believes there is tons of humor in the nonprofit world, and someone needs to document it.

Vu Le’s talk stretched current practices in the nonprofit sector and explored how to move toward the future. He challenged participants to come out of their normal thinking and consider what is happening today.

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