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2024 Nonprofit Summit

A Summit Tailored for You!

Each nonprofit has its own unique challenges and goals, and each nonprofit professional their own individual aspirations. So this year we’re empowering you to pick and choose what you will get out of the Summit. Choose which sessions you want to attend based on your organizational and individual needs. A variety of 60 minute sessions will be offered throughout the day to allow you to participate in topics that interest you, ranging from governance and fundraising to marketing and human resources, among others.



John Brothers

President, T. Rowe Price Foundation and T. Rowe Price Charitable

John Brothers currently serves as the President of the T. Rowe Price Foundation and President of T. Rowe Price Charitable. Dr. Brothers comes to T. Rowe Price from Quidoo, an international consulting firm he started and led for over a decade, merging the firm in 2015. During Dr. Brothers’ tenure at T. Rowe Price, he …


Bethany Lord

Senior Vice President/Cheif Human Resources and Culture Officer Woodsorow

Mary Ellen Mitchell

Founder and CEO of Housing Frederick

Arianna Ross

Story Tapestries

Carrie Delente

Celerate, CEO

Christina May


Heather Rook

Your Part Time Controller (YPTC)

Janice Goldwater

Paths for Families

Kristin Bakewell

Your Part Time Controller (YPTC)

Lisa Dominguez

Paths for Families

Ryan Dodd


Shawnta Jackson, MPH

Cause Engagement Associates, Chief Executive Associate


8:00 a.m.

Arrival, Breakfast, & Networking

8:30 a.m.

Sharing the Sugar - Keynote Presentation

Presented by John Brothers

John Brothers, Dr., of the T. Rowe Price Foundation will be leading the morning keynote presentation for the 2024 Nonprofit Summit. Learn how communities can share sugar to achieve great long-term change in their communities.


Creating a Culture of Inclusivity

Presented by Bethany Lord

Embracing diversity in generations and opinions in the workplace to create a thriving company. Today's workforce is more diverse than ever before. Everyone offers a unique set of values, motivators, communication styles, and skill sets, the days of a one-size-fits-all leadership approach are long past. In this interactive session, you'll learn how to identify strengths of your team and how to tailor your leadership style to align and motivate to build a culture of collaboration and understanding among your team.


Event Planning 101

Presented by Mary Ellen Mitchell

Learn planning basics to set you up for event management. Details matter and understanding logistics will help create a great occasion that showcases your mission and supports it financially.


Nonprofit Accounting with Quickbooks Online

Presented by David Wolford

This session will provide an introduction to Quickbooks online for small non-profits and their bookkeepers. We will cover a wide range of topics from choosing a subscription level, developing your chart of accounts and setting up bank feeds to entering common transaction types, reconciling accounts and generating basic reports. Emphasis will be placed not only on specific functionalities within Quickbooks, but also on the underlying importance of a strong accounting system for running a successful non-profit.


The One-Hour Marketing Plan

Presented by Christina May

Transform your non-profit organization's outreach in just one hour! Step into our session and leave armed with a tangible marketing blueprint. Discover your target audience and pinpoint the core objective of your marketing endeavors. Together, we'll decode the marketing channels available, regardless of your budget constraints. Dive into interactive exercises and glean insights from real-world success stories to craft a bespoke marketing roadmap that amplifies your influence and yields meaningful outcomes for your cause.


How to Get Your Board to be an Ambassador and Tell Your Story

Presented by Arianna Ross

Activating your board can sometimes feel exhilarating and other times frustrating. Support their ability to be your ambassador. Help them to understand how to communicate the story and gifts your organization offers the community. Provide them the tools and resources they need to shape communication and enhance community connections. Learn tools to celebrate their unique voice and how they can be an incredible ambassador for your organization.

Networking Block for People of Color

Join nonprofit staff and leaders of color to forge connections, support networks, and celebrate authenticity. Together, we delve into the resilience needed to foster genuine solidarity and forge lasting connections. This community offers a safer space for individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to express their true selves, find upliftment, and rebuild resilience. Facilitated by: Melisa Sines Partner, Colmena Consulting & Dr. Denise Rollins, Executive Director of Whole Heart Center & Trustee of Ausherman Family Foundation, Kamilah Bunn, National Adoption Agency

Maximizing Impact with Google's $10K Monthly Ad Grant

Presented by Carrie Delente

Join us for an insightful presentation on maximizing your nonprofit's impact with Google's $10K monthly ad grant. Unlock the secrets to leveraging this game-changing opportunity to boost visibility and engagement. Discover digital advertising strategies including event targeting, site retargeting, and streaming TV. Learn to create compelling ad content, optimize campaigns, and align website technology for maximum conversion. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or new to digital advertising, this session is your gateway to amplifying your nonprofit's impact online. Join us and harness the power of digital platforms for change.

Interorganizational Relationships: Ways to Work Together & Achieve Collective Impact

Presented by Shawnta Jackson, MPH

This workshop is crucial for nonprofit professionals aiming to confront societal challenges with collaborative solutions and shared resources. It focuses on strategic partnership building to amplify impact, broaden organizational reach, and foster community resilience through united efforts. Offering a rich platform for peer learning, the session encourages the exchange of best practices and innovative problem-solving strategies. Participants will navigate the complexities of interorganizational dynamics, gaining actionable insights for meaningful collaboration. The experience promises to enhance professional and organizational development within the nonprofit sector, driving sustainable outcomes and fostering a culture of cooperation and innovation.

Grant Management Wizardry

Presented by Mary Ellen Mitchell

Are you ready to elevate your grant writing skills and set the stage for success? Learn the best practices of preparing, managing your time effectively, and positioning yourself for success in grants management and reporting.

HR Department of 1

Presented by Bethany Lord

Do you work as the sole individual responsible for all HR functions of your organization. The tasks associated with compliance, operations, business, and people can be overwhelming if not prioritized. In this session, we will work to assess current operations and build a roadmap to success, ensuring alignment of HR and organizational goals. We will also work to ensure strategies and efficiencies are in place to enhance the internal experience for colleagues.

How to Tell your Financial Story: Insight to Action

Not every story begins with “once upon a time” nor ends with “happily ever after.” However, a story told well has the ability to not only be impactful but promote change. Whether told with any combination of words, numbers or pictures, a great story doesn’t just relay the facts. Instead, a great story delivers an important message in a way that is emotionally compelling, memorable, and inspires others to action, which is exactly the effect your entity wants when telling the story of its progress and accomplishments to others. Join us as we identify opportunities to inspire others to action through your entity’s financial reporting and the annual tax filing (990), grant applications, websites, charity watchdog sites and social media.


Navigating Leadership Transition: Succession Planning & Change Management Insights

Join us for an insightful discussion as we explore the intricate process of leadership transition. With the recent retirement/transition of a founder and CEO, who served for 34 years, we'll delve into the journey of succession planning and change management. Hear firsthand from both the outgoing and incoming leaders as they share their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned. From crafting effective succession plans to navigating organizational change, this workshop offers a deep dive into the dynamics of leadership transition. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies for managing change in your own organization.


Frederick Community College

For the 2024 Nonprofit Summit, we will be meeting at Frederick Community College.

2024 Nonprofit Summit

A Summit Tailored for You!

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